Root Canals

When the internal pulp at the center of your tooth becomes infected, it can potentially cause several serious complications, the worst of which is the death of the tooth. If that happens, Our Smile Dr., Dr. David Cutler, may recommend root canal therapy. For detailed information on your treatment options for root canal therapy, we encourage you to contact us at 208-375-4544. Our office is in Boise, Idaho, and you are welcome to come in for a consultation.

What is a Root Canal?

You’ve heard of the term, but what exactly is root canal therapy? Simply put, it is a type of endodontic dentistry that is an attempt to save a damaged tooth. When decay and bacteria enter past the protective enamel and invade the inner tooth, it won’t be long before the tooth becomes infected. Tooth pulp, which includes tiny nerves and blood vessels at the center of the tooth, can become completely destroyed beyond repair by an infection. When this happens, there is no recourse but to extract the dead tooth and replace it with a dental implant (false tooth).

If the tooth can be saved, Our Smile Dr. will want to make the attempt by performing a root canal. In order to restore the tooth to health and avoid an unnecessary extraction, our expert dentist will remove the damaged tissues from within, sanitize the tooth, and fill it with a medicated material that will ensure it is free from infection. Next, the remaining tooth will be shaped to become a base for a crown—the term for the false tooth. The crown (or “cap”) will function like the natural tooth before it became damaged. In most cases, a root canal procedure can be done in only one or two visits to our office.

Not Your Father’s Procedure

Despite its past reputation for being a painful procedure, advancements in technique, technology and medicine have made root canal therapy less worrisome for patients. Modern dentistry, tools and anesthesia have combined to minimize most discomfort. And of course, Our Smile Dr. team is dedicated to your comfort so that you enjoy a pleasant experience no matter what procedure you have come to us to undergo.

If you live in Boise, ID or the surrounding areas of Meridian, Eagle, Kuna, or Nampa, come see us and allow us to restore your smile’s health. Call for an appointment at 208-375-4544.